The times when I’m not creative…

How to get over artist's block - a personal story.

The most frequent answer to the question “How to be an illustrator?” is: practice every day – and you can believe me, I have typed this question into Google gazillion times. But what happens when you just can’t?

The past couple of weeks have been rather difficult for me due to some personal changes in my life and even though I’m a really active, productive person, often I just spent my time doing passive things like reading or watching something instead of painting or writing. And I am neither a lazy, nor undisciplined.

So what is it like when you just can’t ?

Professional creatives actually deny that there is such a thing as ‘inspiration’ and I tend to think along the same line: if I stimulate my brain the right way, then ideas generate themselves. However, I can’t say that I don’t know the feeling of being ‘uninspired’, but in my case this ‘uninspiration’ mainly refers to the slightly depressed state when I don’t even have strength to trigger my creative radar.


Summer equipment – a creative’s travel kit

Pocket watercolour travel kit essentials

I can’t say I’m the type of artist who sketches everything she sees when travelling, from morning until dusk. For me, painting is a more intimate business, which takes time and a certain mood. However, I don’t like  to go travelling without a full load of art supplies, after all, one can never be quite sure when the urge comes to paint. :) Luckily, the “full load” can easily be fitted into a smaller handbag.

Things I take with me

The process of painting doesn’t exist without watercolour paper, brushes, paint and water. Add to that a pencil, an eraser and some thin paper to sketch on, and voilá, here is my creative travel kit. I actually like painting small, so this whole lot will fit into an A5 size folder.


Recipe time – the perfect breakfast

No, I am not about to say that Imelda Green’s is turning into a lifestyle blog, but it is possible that you might run into recipes in the future, as I’ve started illustrating food.

The composition below is my favourite breakfast, which I’ve eaten the past 3 years, so now – that I’ve illustrated it – it’s time to share it with you guys.

The perfect breakfast - print from the design box Goods from our garden