• So you want to be an illustrator - Part 2 | Switching professions

    So you want to be an illustrator | Vol. 2. – The journey from engineer to illustrator

    Where did I learn it all? This question has popped up at several watercolour workshops I teach, as it’s no secret that I graduated as an Architect, and even worked in the field for a short time. If you are thinking about choosing illustration as a career path, or you are simply interested in how […]

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  • On the road to freelancing - questions to ask yourself before taking the leap

    Freelancing – questions before you take the leap

    Are you considering freelancing? You are at the right place. I am celebrating one year of freelancing this month. I feel this is the perfect opportunity to sum up my experiences and share the lessons I’ve learned, so you have some straight questions to reflect upon, before you take the leap. Even though I am […]

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  • Watercolor palm leaves - join the one week art challenge

    Repeat pattern challenge Vol. 3 – join us this year!

    Can anyone tell when a tradition starts? It feels a little early, and yet, it seems to have become something of a tradition that I hold a one-week repeat pattern challenge on the blog, so here we go, here comes the third. If you feel creative, or if you do not; if you’ve ever tried […]

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  • New medium #5 – metallic watercolours

    It’s been a while since the New Medium series was present on the blog, but a few weeks ago I laid my hands on something interesting: I met the Finetec Pearlcolors paints on Youtube first and immediately concluded that it would probably be years before I can buy them in Hungary. Next thing I knew, […]

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  • Hobby or work?

    Have you ever experienced the following dialogue? ‘What have you done this weekend?’ ‘I worked.’ ‘Oh, poor you! What did you have to do?’ ‘I have painted [replace with anything you like to do, like ‘written a blog, arranged flowers, done charity work, etc.’] ‘Ah, so you’ve only worked on your personal project’ *gracious smile* […]

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  • Blog birthday vol. 3 – A week in the life of a blogger

    3 years ago today I published the first post on the blog Imelda Green’s. Of course not under this domain and not in the same form as these days, but I am still very proud to say that I’ve been posting more or less consistently ever since. I had originally intended this blog to motivate […]

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  • Feeling the fear…

    I’m looking at my to-do list: I should paint, try new techniques so I have things to write blog posts about and take pictures of. But I should also cook, clean my apartment, and I haven’t met my best friend in ages. Plus my cat can’t wait for me to play with him a bit. […]

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  • New medium #4 – Masking fluid

    My ‘new mediums‘ coloumn is returning in a little irregular way: I didn’t experiment with a completely new technique, but I was trying out a supply made for watercolour artists: masking fluid. Those working with watercolour will know that with this technique it is kind of impossible to paint white surfaces. If you want white, […]

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  • The times when I’m not creative…

    The most frequent answer to the question “How to be an illustrator?” is: practice every day – and you can believe me, I have typed this question into Google gazillion times. But what happens when you just can’t? The past couple of weeks have been rather difficult for me due to some personal changes in […]

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  • Behind the scenes #6 – The power of painting small

    Those few who have seen my illustrations in real life know that most of them are A5-A6 size images. This habit of painting small is not based on an academically supported decision, but on an observation of the mere fact: it is simply good to paint watercolours in small size. What’s more, it is liberating, […]

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