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  • Plung Into Pink | 4 Watercolour Projects

    Pink is such a beautiful color to work with, yet it can be tricky to create it in watercolour. So in this class, we are plunging into the nitty-gritty of mixing pinks, and then practicing it on 4 different projects.

    I will start by showing you the supplies I use, then teach you different methods of mixing pink with warm and cool reds.

    Then you can join me in the painting demos in which we paint some flowers, a butterfly, a donut and a flamingo, so you can practice mixing pink and also create some beautiful watercolour paintings.

    By the end of the class, you will not only be a confident pink mixer, but you’ll also have 4 beautiful paintings and a lot more ideas as to how you could explore pink even further.

    This class is great for beginner to intermediate watercolorists, who already have a little bit of watercolour knowledge – particularly water control – or those complete beginners who are not afraid to experiment.

    Watch course trailer here.


  • Paint your star sign - watercolor textures for beginners

    Paint your Star Sign

    I have designed this watercolor mini-course (20 minutes) for beginners, who are struggling to get started with watercolor, being too afraid that they mess it up. It can be tricky to get back to art if you haven’t held a brush for 10-20-30 years, and as adults, we are prone to expect amazing results at the first try, forgetting to enjoy the process.

    Creating flowing textures and just watching watercolor paints do their thing is a magic tool both for relaxation and to fight perfectionism. It is not about control – and yet, by the end of the class, you will have created something that is considered beautiful even in adult standards.

    Watch the class trailer here.


  • Negative painting in watercolor | Ginkgo biloba leaves | skillshare class for beginners

    Negative painting in watercolor

    In this class you’ll learn how to do negative painting in watercolor. Negative painting is a magical watercolor technique, that even beginners can master easily.

    I will start by explaining what materials I use for watercolors. We will then proceed to learning about two basic watercolor techniques, the wet on dry and the wet on wet effect. You will need both of these to create flowing watercolors in negative painting.

    I am going to explain about how you can choose suitable colors, so you can create other pieces as well as the class project.

    We will then use this knowledge to paint a finished piece with ginkgo biloba leaves in 4 layers.

    This class will be valuable for both total beginners and hobby artists to professionals working in the visual field. No experience is required but being familiar with watercolors and color theory will make the class easier to follow.

    Watch the class trailer here.


  • Colour mixing in watercolour like a pro

    Explore colour mixing and colour harmony by painting crystals!

    Colour mixing is tricky, and it takes a lot of practice and experiments to get everything right. This Skillshare class is here to give you a little bit of a shortcut.

    We will start the class by learning about basic rules on colour theory and different colour models. Then we will learn about the 4 different properties of colour: hue, value, temperature and brightness.

    In the last part of the class I’ll tell you how you can pick colours for your paintings – both in theory and in practice.

    You will learn all of this in a fun way, through painting 15 watercolour crystals in your very own colours.

    This class is great for beginners as well as intermediate students of watercolour. No experience is required but being familiar with watercolours – particularly controlling water – will make the class easier to complete.

    Watch the class trailer here.


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