• képlopás | art theft

    What to do if your artwork is stolen? – Let’s talk ART THEFT

    Art theft is a super-relevant topic, which I have discussed a couple of weeks ago on this blog. In that post, I helped those who want to use copyrighted images for their projects and how they can do it legally, but today I want to explore the other side: what can you do if you […]

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  • Downloadable colouring page | July floral wreath - watercolour tutorial

    July floral wreath – downloadable colouring page #7

    One more day and here is July – and it’s hot as hell around this part of the world. Even though I am not an expert at fortune telling, I kinda suspected this already when I was drawing the colouring page for July, so I created this wreath in a tropical style. You can see […]

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  • képlopás

    Art theft is not free exposure!

    I wanted to start this blog post with this: “I came across a shocking incident on the internet last week.” But the sad truth is that the incident falls into the “ordinary” category instead of “shocking”. I am part of a very supportive artist community on instagram. I often read about designers and illustrators complaining […]

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  • Downloadable colouring page | June floral wreath - watercolour tutorial

    June floral wreath – downloadable colouring page #6

    Apparently, summer has arrived! We are in the middle of strawberry season, so I obviously placed loads of strawberries around the June colouring page. Red strawberries and blue flowers are kind of an odd choice after all the pink wreaths of April and May, but it’s great to get out of the comfort zone, isn’t […]

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  • Downloadable colouring page | May floral wreath - watercolour tutorial

    May floral wreath – downloadable colouring page #5

    Even though we cannot quite enjoy it as much as we usually do, spring is in full swing, and plenty of flowers are in bloom – peonies, for instance. These beautiful flowers form the basis of this month’s printable colouring page. Fun fact: when I started drawing this series of flower wreaths, this was the […]

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  • Creativity meter | free printable

    Free printable creativity meter

    Your creativity is not at the same level all the time. This is never more apparent than during quarantine, but I notice it during non-pandemic times too. There are more motivated periods, which are then replaced by more passive days, filled with introspection. During these less enthusiastic periods, I often beat myself up. “Don’t be […]

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  • Downloadable colouring page | April floral wreath - watercolour tutorial

    April floral wreath – downloadable colouring page #4

    When I started the colouring page series I hardly thought it would be so much needed now. I hope that in this difficult situation it provides you with some joy while you are in lockdown. In April I painted magnolias and violas in the flower wreath. The colour scheme and the medium is for you […]

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  • 8 free colouring pages by Hungarian Designers

    We all feel the effects of this difficult period. Hungarian designers have decided to make these days more bearable. Creativity is known to be effective against stress. Everyone, who has ever tried colouring, knows this. Although my colouring pages are still avalable in the content library, I have collected a bunch Hungarian artists, who offer […]

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  • Spring flowers – timelapse painting

    In the current situation, all my spring workshops are cancelled. However, part of the workshop would have been painting these easy spring flowers. You can follow this timelapse painting if you are a beginner watercolour painter.

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  • 3+1 things to learn before you become a watercolour artist

    3+1 things to learn before you become a watercolour artist

    If you like messing around with watercolours, but your only goal with painting is to relax, this post is not for you. However, if you want to improve and take your watercolor skills to the next level – even if you do not want to make a living from it – you should continue reading. […]

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