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  • May downloadable calendars

    Summer has arrived in Hungary – not officially perhaps, but the weather thinks so anyway. I can’t say I’m particularly happy about this, I would rather spend May in the comfortably cool Canada, so on this month’s calendar I put a forest animal native to North America, the racoon. Our racoon answers the name of […]

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  • New medium #5 – metallic watercolours

    It’s been a while since the New Medium series was present on the blog, but a few weeks ago I laid my hands on something interesting: I met the Finetec Pearlcolors paints on Youtube first and immediately concluded that it would probably be years before I can buy them in Hungary. Next thing I knew, […]

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  • The future of creating

    A few months ago I took part in a conference titled ‘The future of creating’. Unfortunately this event had nothing to do with creativity, instead the presentations were packed with 3D printers, drones and robots, but all the same, it made me think a lot about my own profession. After some hours of hearing a […]

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