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  • képlopás | art theft

    What to do if your artwork is stolen? – Let’s talk ART THEFT

    Art theft is a super-relevant topic, which I have discussed a couple of weeks ago on this blog. In that post, I helped those who want to use copyrighted images for their projects and how they can do it legally, but today I want to explore the other side: what can you do if you […]

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  • képlopás

    Art theft is not free exposure!

    I wanted to start this blog post with this: “I came across a shocking incident on the internet last week.” But the sad truth is that the incident falls into the “ordinary” category instead of “shocking”. I am part of a very supportive artist community on instagram. I often read about designers and illustrators complaining […]

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  • 5 best tips to become an illustrator

    How to be an illustrator? – 5 best tips

    The transformation from engineer to illustrator has cost me many years of work, which is not over to this day, even if I am already working in this profession. During this time, I have come across a lot of advice (both asked and unasked) that were completely useless. However, some have proved to be very important […]

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  • 5 art tips to my younger self

    5 art tips to my younger self to avoid anxiety

    Nobody is born an artist. I’ve learned this through my own experience, when I finally ended up being an illustrator after years spent in different universities and offices. Somewhere deep down I’ve always known I should do something like illustration, but at the age of 20 there are so many expectations on you that you […]

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  • So you want to be an illustrator | Vol. 3 - how to have multiple income streams

    So you want to be an illustrator | Vol. 3 – Have multiple income sources!

    Whether you are a freelancer or not, it has become cliché to repeat ‘have multiple income sources!’ This is obviously important for freelancers even more, especially in a field as oversaturated as illustration. Let’s see what opportunities you have as an illustrator to provide a constant cash-flow. The first and most evident way is, of […]

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  • So you want to be an illustrator - Part 2 | Switching professions

    So you want to be an illustrator | Vol. 2. – The journey from engineer to illustrator

    Where did I learn it all? This question has popped up at several watercolour workshops I teach, as it’s no secret that I graduated as an Architect, and even worked in the field for a short time. If you are thinking about choosing illustration as a career path, or you are simply interested in how […]

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  • On the road to freelancing - questions to ask yourself before taking the leap

    Freelancing – questions before you take the leap

    Are you considering freelancing? You are at the right place. I am celebrating one year of freelancing this month. I feel this is the perfect opportunity to sum up my experiences and share the lessons I’ve learned, so you have some straight questions to reflect upon, before you take the leap. Even though I am […]

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  • So you want to be an illustrator - Part 1 | Illustration types

    So you want to be an illustrator | Vol. 1. – a.k.a. „can you make a living out of this”?

    I have met the question above more than I can count, and this is partly the reason why I spent nearly 7 useless years studying Architecture before realising I would become an illustrator. If you are 16-18, announcing to your parents that you are going to become an illustrator, or you decide at 40-something that […]

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  • Should you go to art school? Pros and cons

    Art school: YES or NO?

    When I walked out of University with a fresh degree in my hand I promised myself that I would never ever attend art education again. Despite all analysis I will probably never find out whose fault it was that I ended up with this unfortunate conclusion, but it is more or less a fact that they […]

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  • Illustration post-production: scanning and editing artwork

    In case of digital illustrations it is obvious how artwork is transferred to paper and how it is reproduced. For manual illustrations, the situation is not so clear. I mean after the scanning process. Scanning is only the first step of a long post-production procedure. So let’s see what’s brewing in the witch’s kitchen!

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