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  • June calendars

    At last it is now time for evening glasses of wine and garden parties. And storms as well (here in Budapest anyway). What can I say? I LOVE it (except for the really hot weather but we might avoid that). In honour of the showers of this month the June-calendar wears the colours of the […]

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  • Behind the scenes #6 – The power of painting small

    Those few who have seen my illustrations in real life know that most of them are A5-A6 size images. This habit of painting small is not based on an academically supported decision, but on an observation of the mere fact: it is simply good to paint watercolours in small size. What’s more, it is liberating, […]

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  • Browse your inner Pinterest! – take steps to be more creative

    ’I wish I were as creative as you’. I often hear this remark from friends but the truth is that only a part of our creativity comes from our genes, another large part can be learned. In fact, it all depends on whether you stimulate your fantasy. Naturally, working in an office 9-5, then dropping […]

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  • 5 Hungarian illustrators I follow

    I visited the 24th International Book Festival in Budapest a few weeks ago, where I bumped into a small exhibition. The walls of a small corridor were covered entirely by the works of Hungarian illustrators – and there my heart melted. I had followed the works of several of them already, but I came across […]

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  • Behind the scenes #5 – The garden in focus this April

    I must admit that April wasn’t my best month this year. You might have noticed I wrote less blog posts and apart from some therapeutic painting my main source of peace came from gardening. I don’t mean gardening literally of course: it would be fairly difficult in a tiny apartment in Budapest even if I had […]

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  • May calendars

    I hope you enjoyed an excellent free Monday on 1st of May. However, now it’s back to work and to brighten up the first day of the week I have some new calendars for you. Nature is all green ’round here so it seems quite appropriate to bring that lovely colour onto your screen as […]

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