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  • How to get started with watercolour

    How to get started with watercolour?

    Have you fallen in love with watercolour? Do you feel overwhelmed with all the stuff you should learn just to get started? Well, this blog post is for you. Watercolour is not a difficult technique, but you’ll have a much more enjoyable – and much less frustrated – learning process if someone walks you through […]

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  • Colour mixing in watercolour like a pro

    Colour mixing in watercolour like a pro!

    Have you ever struggled with colour mixing in watercolour? Or have you worked hard on your watercolour painting only to realise that your colours look awful together on the final piece? Well, I am really happy to announce that I have created a conclusive video class on all that I know about colour. Colour mixing […]

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  • How to mix pinks?

    How to mix pinks?

    Pinks are tricky colours that even experienced colour mixers might find troublesome. To make it a bit easier for you, I have created a chart that explains this colour in detail. Pinks in watercolour are in fact super light reds. So what you need to learn first is how to lighten up reds to turn […]

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  • 3+1 things to learn before you become a watercolour artist

    3+1 things to learn before you become a watercolour artist

    If you like messing around with watercolours, but your only goal with painting is to relax, this post is not for you. However, if you want to improve and take your watercolor skills to the next level – even if you do not want to make a living from it – you should continue reading. […]

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  • 7 more watercolour tips for intermediate (and beginner) artists

    7 more watercolour tips for advanced (and beginner) artists

    If you already practice watercolour (or you’ve read the first 7 basic tips :)), you probably have the foundations to create great artwork with this technique. There are a few tricks though, which are rarely mentioned and I only figured them out during my years of practice. I created the list below based on these […]

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  • Watercolor pencils for beginners | experimenting with new texhniques | akvarellceruza

    New medium #9 – Watercolour pencils

    A set of 12 watercolour pencils have lay buried deep among my art supplies for about 10 years. After the first disastrous experiments I hid it from my eyes so they didn’t remind me of my failed attempts. A couple of weeks ago, however, I came across this book, which stirred my watercolour pencil neurons […]

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  • Using Tombow brush pens as watercolor | experimenting

    New medium #8 – Watercolour brush pens

    An average creative typically associates brush pens with calligraphy. Light line up, heavy down. However, you can use water-based brush pens as a form of watercolour. I checked how. So what’s this and how does it work? If you haven’t tried brush pens yet, you can imagine them as a cross between a marker and […]

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  • Masking fluid | Molotow masking pen | watercolor technique

    New medium #7 – masking pen

    I have been fruitlessly experimenting with masking fluid for almost 2 years. Now I’ve come across something new: a masking pen. So let’s see… what this is and how it works Masking is based on the fact that in watercolour you cannot paint white. If you need white (or light) areas, you simply leave them […]

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  • Top 7 tips for watercolour beginners

    7 watercolour tips for beginners

    People often say that watercolour is a hard-to-control medium. However – just like cats :) – watercolour has its own tricks with which you can tame it. After the most common beginner mistakes I’m sharing some tips, which will definitely make watercolour easier for you to practice. 1. Clean your brush properly! Have you ever […]

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  • 5 beginner watercolour mistakes and how to avoid them

    5 beginner watercolour mistakes and how to avoid them

    I have been convinced of the benefits of teaching watercolour workshops these past 2 months, but I had hardly thought I would also learn a lot from my students. I tended to overlook some information as being ‘unimportant’ or ‘obvious’, and it turned out they are neither unimportant, nor obvious. So in my experience, these […]

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