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  • Veggies monthly calendar | Free wallpaper | hand-painted watercolor food illustration

    Downloadable calendars for 2019

    Tomorrow it’s 2019. I am not going to break the tradition of greeting every new month with a downloadable calendar, and this year it is going to be a veggie-themed one. This piece of cabbage can decorate the screens of your gadgets if you download it. If you prefer to see this calendar on your […]

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  • HiFest 2018 - Hastings Illustration Festival

    HiFest 2018 – Travel with me

    This year I finally visited HiFest – which was lucky, as this was going to be the last Hastings Illustration Festival. I recorded my experiences in a vlog. Even though it’s in Hungarian, I don’t talk too much, so it’s worth taking a look to get the vibes of an illustration festival.

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  • Behind the scenes - life of a watercolor illustrator

    Behind the scenes #10 – What happend this summer and autumn?

    Have you noticed that blogposts have become rather random ’round here? I used to post every Monday, but these days the Monday surprise is not the topic of the latest article but whether there is a new article at all. Even though I am trying with all my might to keep up with weekly posts, […]

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  • Forest animals - hand-painted watercolour wallpaper calendar

    December downloadable calendars

    On the 4th day of December not even those can deny the arrival of Christmas who hate early preparations. And what other forest animal could represent this time of year better than a deer? The last piece of the Forest Animals series is Tommy, the deer, who is happy to decorate your screens this month. […]

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