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  • Downloadable colouring page | May floral wreath - watercolour tutorial

    May floral wreath – downloadable colouring page #5

    Even though we cannot quite enjoy it as much as we usually do, spring is in full swing, and plenty of flowers are in bloom – peonies, for instance. These beautiful flowers form the basis of this month’s printable colouring page. Fun fact: when I started drawing this series of flower wreaths, this was the […]

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  • Creativity meter | free printable

    Free printable creativity meter

    Your creativity is not at the same level all the time. This is never more apparent than during quarantine, but I notice it during non-pandemic times too. There are more motivated periods, which are then replaced by more passive days, filled with introspection. During these less enthusiastic periods, I often beat myself up. “Don’t be […]

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  • Downloadable colouring page | April floral wreath - watercolour tutorial

    April floral wreath – downloadable colouring page #4

    When I started the colouring page series I hardly thought it would be so much needed now. I hope that in this difficult situation it provides you with some joy while you are in lockdown. In April I painted magnolias and violas in the flower wreath. The colour scheme and the medium is for you […]

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