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  • Harry Potter covers that please a graphic designer - Nagy Kincső

    7 Harry Potter covers that will satisfy a graphic designer

    As a Harry Potter fan and graphic artist, I’ve always found HP covers a little bit annoying. The first edition book covers somehow never managed to convey that magical – and towards the end of the series, pretty dark atmosphere that Rowling’s writing expressed. Since then, the books have been re-published a number of times […]

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  • 8 free colouring pages by Hungarian Designers

    We all feel the effects of this difficult period. Hungarian designers have decided to make these days more bearable. Creativity is known to be effective against stress. Everyone, who has ever tried colouring, knows this. Although my colouring pages are still avalable in the content library, I have collected a bunch Hungarian artists, who offer […]

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  • Create your own calendar in 2020 - downloadable blank calendar template

    Create your own calendar in 2020!

    Do you find my downloadable calendars cool? Well, now it’s time for you to create your own! It’s kind of a tradition on this blog that, every December, I share a calendar with blank pages that you can decorate in your own style. You can paint your own calendar in 2020, which can be an […]

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  • 5 new illustubers to follow | a review of artists on youtube

    5 new illustubers to follow

    If someone asked me the question: where did you learn it all? I would answer without a hesitation: on Youtube. Illustubers (youtubers who are illustrators by profession) talk about nearly everything related to the area: techniques, motivation, creative blocks, and not least, business. I have already shared my 5 favourite illustubers in this post, but […]

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  • Illustration variations - The Nutcracker (with ballet video)

    Illustration variations – The Nutcracker

    Is Christmas Christmas without the Nutcracker? Even though Hoffmann’s tale is really sweet, I hardly think it would have reached this many kids, had there been no ballet created by Tschaikovsky. Before creating my own series, I took a look at the Nutcracker-literature, and found some wonderful pieces that I’d like to share with you […]

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  • 5 art lessons from nature for beginner and advanced artists

    Illustration variations: Beauty and the Beast

    Here’s a question: what is the first image that pops into your head when it comes to Beauty and the Beast? Am I wrong if I say that 10 out 10 of you thought of Belle’s yellow evening frock? It is interesting to see how some stories have such iconic imagery that they practically burned […]

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  • On Women’s Day…

    International Women’s Day is due this week, so on that note I have out together a little collection of illustrations. All this images deal with the concept of femininity, whether they be conceptual doodles or a charming set of flowers. I am a great fan of conceptual illustration as I love that they have extra […]

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  • Book review – Gnomes

    Do you remember that feeling when you got Harry Potter in your hands and the world that you had thought to be a myth was suddenly described with such sincerity and detail that it didn’t only become believable but almost real. Well, this is more or less the case with Wil Huygen’s book Gnomes. You […]

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  • New art supplies – Christmas haul

    Ever since I write a blog I can’t wait to finally write a “haul” post – art supplies are really pretty after all – the only problem is that I hardly ever do a “haul”. It is in the nature of watercolours that you don’t run out of them easily (in fact I’m still using […]

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  • 3 classic illustrators to get into the Christmas spirit

    Even though I’m a great fan of modern – sometimes even minimalist – illustrations, it often happens in December that I get absorbed in looking at the old classics. There are many wonderful illustrators who have managed to capture the wintry atmosphere, but for me – unsurprisingly – it’s the British, who are closest to […]

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