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5 new illustubers to follow

If someone asked me the question: where did you learn it all? I would answer without a hesitation: on Youtube. Illustubers (youtubers who are illustrators by profession) talk about nearly everything related to the area: techniques, motivation, creative blocks, and not least, business. I have already shared my 5 favourite illustubers in this post, but since then I have had some new finds. Here are 5 new gems for you to follow:

James Victore

James is in fact a graphic designer, not an illustrator (do labels matter in design?), and he is responsible for all the creative kick in the a*s over on Youtube. He passes on serious advice that he has gained as a teacher and designer with great humour and self-irony. He is a big advocate for embracing your creativity, he encourages you to take the risk and follow the voice of your art. Somehow he always manages to put his finger on what is really important and what are the things that will solve themselves (or rather you will solve them, so that you can carry on creating).

Jordan Clark

If you long for a really cozy, meditative, calm evening on Youtube, Jordan is your girl. Sometimes it’s not even her content I love so much, but her calm voice and the sheer beauty of her videos – you rarely see videos with such aesthetics. Apart from plenty of DIY videos and painting tutorials, you can find a lot about bullet journals and planners on Jordan’s channel.

Studio Jess

Jess does watercolour illustration – as well as many other things – and her style is very close to my heart. The best however, that I’ve learned on Jess’ channel, is how to look at illustration as a business, how to work with an agent and things to know about the children’s book industry. Even though Jess is less active these days, there is already a lot of content out there that you can dig your way into.

Katie Jobling

Strictly speaking, Katie is more a fine artist than an illustrator. Her channel will especially blow your mind if you are interested in acryllics. Even though this medium is not a favourite of mine, I still love Katie’s videos, because she talks a lot about the connection between anxiety, meditation and art, which has been an important part of my art-path since the beginning. Shots of the British countryside are extra :)

Sara Faber

Sara lives in Berlin, and even though she is native German (I think), she does her videos in English (luckily). On this channel you can expect to see more vlog type of content than tutorials, but it is very relaxing to watch vegan recipes, a cute dog and a beautiful flat, as part of an illustrator’s life. Sara’s channel might be of interest to those passionate about digital illustration, as she does a big portion of her work on her iPad, of which she shares insights.

Have you got your favourites? Share them in the comments below!

5 new illustubers to follow | a review of artists on youtube

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