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  • July downloadable calendars

    It is nearly July, so here’s a new forest animal to decorate your screen for another month: in July it is Elisa, the hedgehog girl. I have just met Elisa the other night, she ran across the road – luckily she reached the other side without harm and ran into a neighbouring garden. Take care […]

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  • Illustration post-production: scanning and editing artwork

    In case of digital illustrations it is obvious how artwork is transferred to paper and how it is reproduced. For manual illustrations, the situation is not so clear. I mean after the scanning process. Scanning is only the first step of a long post-production procedure. So let’s see what’s brewing in the witch’s kitchen!

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  • A little guide to paintbrushes

    A miracle has occured: the creative thought has started spreading within my family, and my sister started painting. Last weekend I was watching her with slightly bulging eyes as she played around on thin print paper with some brushes that were in appalling state. At this point I decided that instead of my old article […]

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