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  • April downloadable calendars

    Now that we have changed to summer time, I can finally state with confidence: spring is here. The days are much longer, and so Otto, the boar baby is happily digging the ground, in the hope of finding something delicious among the spring flowers. He is the one on the April downloadable calendar. :) As […]

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  • Behind the scenes #8 – What happened this winter?

    It is still snowing round here, but I am soon confident in announcing that winter is over, spring is coming. I had planned Januray to be a slow month after the hustle and bustle of December, but – just as it often happens with plans – things turned out differently. Winter became such a busy season that […]

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  • On Women’s Day…

    International Women’s Day is due this week, so on that note I have out together a little collection of illustrations. All this images deal with the concept of femininity, whether they be conceptual doodles or a charming set of flowers. I am a great fan of conceptual illustration as I love that they have extra […]

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