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  • February downloadable calendars

    We are nearing the end of the darkest month, February is nearly here. What’s more, in a few days the bears come out of their caves. According to a Hungarian tradition, bears come out of their caves on the 2nd of February to check the weather: if it’s sunny, they glimpse their shadow and get […]

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  • Book review – Gnomes

    Do you remember that feeling when you got Harry Potter in your hands and the world that you had thought to be a myth was suddenly described with such sincerity and detail that it didn’t only become believable but almost real. Well, this is more or less the case with Wil Huygen’s book Gnomes. You […]

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  • New art supplies – Christmas haul

    Ever since I write a blog I can’t wait to finally write a “haul” post – art supplies are really pretty after all – the only problem is that I hardly ever do a “haul”. It is in the nature of watercolours that you don’t run out of them easily (in fact I’m still using […]

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  • Silence

    I’m ill. Again. During December there was only one week when my nose was not running and yet this was the most intense month of the year (in close competition with October). I didn’t leave time for myself to rest, thinking that if I had taken a break I would have fallen behind even more and […]

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  • New downloadable calendars!

    Et voilá, here is the first downloadable calendar for 2018! I’m so excited to share the first bit of this new series in which includes forest animals. The first member of this collection is Adele, the fox lady, who decorates the calendar of January. If you subscribed to the newsletter, you’ll get the printable version […]

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