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  • Punge Into Pink | Step By Step Watercolor Painting

    Plunge Into Pink | 4 watercolour projects

    Mixing pink in watercolour can be tricky. Here is a new Skillshare class to explain it as well as practicing it on 4 step by step painting demos.

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  • Paint your star sign - watercolor textures for beginners

    Paint Your Star Sign | Watercolor textures for beginners

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to paint again? It seems so easy, and yet, when you want to get started, a crippling anxiety stops you. What if it looks awful in the end? I know this feeling, and even after working in the illustration industry for years, I sometimes get blank […]

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  • Redcurrant | watercolour speedpainting

    In today’s video post I am showing you how I painted this redcurrant. I decided to create speedpaint videos, so you can see what you can achieve with a good bit of practice. This kind of realistic painting requires both a deep knowledge of your medium (watercolour in my case) and drawing skills.

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  • Creativity meter | free printable

    Free printable creativity meter

    Your creativity is not at the same level all the time. This is never more apparent than during quarantine, but I notice it during non-pandemic times too. There are more motivated periods, which are then replaced by more passive days, filled with introspection. During these less enthusiastic periods, I often beat myself up. “Don’t be […]

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  • Spring flowers – timelapse painting

    In the current situation, all my spring workshops are cancelled. However, part of the workshop would have been painting these easy spring flowers. You can follow this timelapse painting if you are a beginner watercolour painter.

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  • 5 art tips to my younger self

    5 art tips to my younger self to avoid anxiety

    Nobody is born an artist. I’ve learned this through my own experience, when I finally ended up being an illustrator after years spent in different universities and offices. Somewhere deep down I’ve always known I should do something like illustration, but at the age of 20 there are so many expectations on you that you […]

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  • Inktober 2019

    Inktober – in 2019 I’m joining

    Hey, I have something exciting to share with you: I am joining the Inktober challenge this year! If you don’t know already: Inktober is a month-long art challenge. You are supposed to create an ink painting on every day of October. You can learn more about the Inktober challenge here. I actually personalized this challenge […]

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  • 5 “inspiring” sentences to block you as an artist

    Have you ever had the feeling that it’s best to abandon your art supplies and find something else to do, once someone told you her opinion on art in general or gave you some (unasked) advice? Maybe you’ve stopped being creative because someone said something to block you? Even though some of these things are […]

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  • Watercolour portraits | 3 inspirational queens for women's day

    On Women’s Day – 3 inspiring queens

    Last year I celebrated Women’s Day with a couple of illustrations on femininity. This year I am bringing you 3 inspiring queens, who have all contributed something to what we call ‘woman’ today. Queen Elizabeth I of England (1558-1603) Who is she? Elizabeth was the daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, she was […]

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  • Wedding portrait – watercolor timelapse

    A timelapse is a speeded-up video. In this one, you can see how I create a custom wedding portrait step by step.

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