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Free printable creativity meter

Your creativity is not at the same level all the time. This is never more apparent than during quarantine, but I notice it during non-pandemic times too. There are more motivated periods, which are then replaced by more passive days, filled with introspection.

During these less enthusiastic periods, I often beat myself up. “Don’t be so lazy” or “Pull yourself together” are much repeated inside my head. Yet, if I think about it consciously, I know that this kind of fluctuation in motivation is not only normal, but it is also necessary for the creativity to unfold, once it feels ready to come.

Not long ago – during one of my active days – it struck me that creativity is just like the phases of the moon. It does not necessarily follow the moon cycles exactly, but the parallel is still there. At the full moon, we just radiate creativity, then at the new moon, we can’t find the strength to lift the pencil. That’s why I created a creativity meter that helps me keep track of what phase I’m in, and so I’m more patient with myself.

I will now share this creativity meter with you as well. Perhaps I can contribute to a healthier creative process.

How does the creativity meter work?

In this picture you can see the moon phases, which symbolize your current level of creativity. I made a hole in the center with a needle, then used a thin wire and an old button to create a handle to my creativity clock. Once it’s done, I can turn the handle to the current position. If I’m bursting with creativity, I turn it towards the full moon. If I feel the first inklings of burnout, I turn the handle in the direction of the new moon.

As my button is relatively heavy, I secured the wire with masking tape on the back of the paper, but I can take it off any time, so I can change the position of the handle.

You can see the process of creating my creativity meter down below.

Print your own creativity meter!

I put the creativity meter in the blog’s content library where you can download it for free. To access the content library, you need to subscribe to the newsletter. When you subscrube, you will receive the password you need to log in within minutes. (If you don’t get it, look in your Spam or Promotions folder as well). If you’ve already subscribed, you will find the password at the bottom of the latest newsletter.

Print the image, then create a handle. For this, you can use my technique, or you can make it out of paper and a round head paper fastener, or even a paper clip will do. You can also print it in multiple copies, then draw on it.

Ha elkészültél, nincs más hátra, mint felszerelni a kész képet az íróasztalod fölé. Ezzel az órával talán tudatosabban tudod kezelni, hogy nem mindig egy fordulatszámon pörögsz, és hogy ezzel nincs semmi probléma. Légy kedves magadhoz!

When you’re done, all you have to do is hang the finished piece over your desk. With the help of this creativity meter, you may be able to track your fulctuating creativity more consciously, and realise that there is no problem with that. Be kind to yourself!

If you put it on your wall, please take a picture and send it to me via email, facebook or instagram

Creativity meter | free printable

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