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  • On the road to freelancing - questions to ask yourself before taking the leap

    Freelancing – questions before you take the leap

    Are you considering freelancing? You are at the right place. I am celebrating one year of freelancing this month. I feel this is the perfect opportunity to sum up my experiences and share the lessons I’ve learned, so you have some straight questions to reflect upon, before you take the leap. Even though I am […]

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  • Watercolour portraits | 3 inspirational queens for women's day

    On Women’s Day – 3 inspiring queens

    Last year I celebrated Women’s Day with a couple of illustrations on femininity. This year I am bringing you 3 inspiring queens, who have all contributed something to what we call ‘woman’ today. Queen Elizabeth I of England (1558-1603) Who is she? Elizabeth was the daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, she was […]

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