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  • April calendars

    Here I am uttering again “I can’t believe it’s already April!” I suppose the only person who can be more surprised at the passing of time is a grandmother who sees her granchild for the first time in two weeks. No, seriously, I am happy to announce that finally I can smell spring in the […]

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  • Creatives out there – 4 blogposts for creators

    I absolutely love reading round-up posts by other bloggers. When my favourite bloggers collect articles they’ve enjoyed reading that month I usually set the post aside and keep it for the evening, when I take a mug of tea and find a cosy spot to read through. So it was only a matter of time […]

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  • Creating on this side of your comfort zone

    Yes, we all know that life starts out of your comfort zone and if you are not willing to step out of it, then you can only blame yourself, etc. If you catch yourself enthusiastically nodding to these statements, you might as well close the tab, because this post is written in defence of the […]

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  • Illustartors – Instagram favourites

    A few months ago I mentioned 5 illustrators whose work I look at every now and then. There are some others, however, whom I only follow on Instagram – either because they have amazing style, or they take beautiful photos of their work, or simply because I’m into a certain medium. In this post I […]

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  • March calendars

    I think that my latest downloadable calendar definitely has a spring mood in it. By this time I am usually so fed up with greys that it is bright colours (especially yellows) which cheer me up most effectively. So I am awaiting spring with this yellow-green watercolour splash :) Are you looking forward to spring […]

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