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  • New medium #1 – Aniline paint

    One of the conclusions I drew from the illustration workshop was that I’ve become a bit lazy: I am not experimenting enough with new techniques, I am happy in my bubble of watercolours. Of course, there is nothing wrong with dwelling deep in one medium and learning all the secrets but if you don’t get […]

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  • Watercolour painting class – Relax!

    A watercolour splash is just like green tea: it hasn’t got negative qualities. It takes very short time to make it, they are all unique and it requiers absolutely no talent to have a beautiful result. I have used this technique in my downloadable calendars but as it was so satisfying I thought I’d share […]

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  • Design guide for the non-creative

    Sometimes I feel that the visual world – whether it be a blog, a photo, a graphic or an illustration – has split in two. One half creates clearer and more beautiful work by the minute (even with occasional highs and lows), the other half takes worse and worse steps making me scream “WHY???” Of […]

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  • January calendars

    I had thought I would not continue with my downloadable calendar series but to my surprise – and great pleasure – many of you asked about when I’d come up with the new one. :) So I took a deep breath and created the first piece of 2017. It seems that the style this year […]

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  • Behind the scenes #3 – A visit to the art school

    To put it simple, I am not a great fan of art classes in institutional circumstances. I have had some really bad experiences at university and during those years I was simply incapable of creating any form of art, it all started once I was left well alone and I could paint at home whatever […]

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  • 16 creative lessons from 2016

    I have tried writing a “2016 summary” post for several days now, until I realised it is just not going to work. However, going through my personal notes I have found several post-its with some advice for myself. I liked some of them so much that I’ve decided to share it with you guys. 2016 […]

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