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  • Watercolour painting class – minimalist Solar System

    If anyone decides to do watercolours it is inevitable to bump into galaxies at some point. No wonder: they are colourful, you can splash around and it is practically impossible to spoil them. In my case, I also have an unfortunate obsession with all things space and stars… so here we go, I painted a […]

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  • New medium #2 – Lino cutting

    I first met lino-cutting at an afternoon class in primary school. I immediately fell in love with it but stopped working with it right away, as this technique is fairly complicated and also a little dangerous (at least for children). I came across it again during the illustration workshop that I took part in last […]

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  • Love illustrated – Philippa Rice: Soppy

    Well, now that I’m so much into Valentine’s Day I might as well top it with a bit more sweetness – and I am talking literally, as Philippa Rice’s book called ‘Soppy’ can hardly be described other than sweet. Philippa is a UK-based illustrator who recorded every-day life with her boyfriend in the illustrations of […]

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  • Downloadable watercolour gift tags for Valentine’s Day

    Fat little angels, pink hearts, heck, it’s Valentine’s Day again… This rather expressive diagram shows exactly how most of us feel about 14th February: it has become trendy to call this day a “consumer-society non-holiday”. While I also joined the band wagon in this collective snobism, I have been visited by certain doubts: it might […]

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  • February calendars

    My latest downloadable calendars created with the watercolour splash technique are out for February! Spring might linger on the horizon, but February is still a hard winter month, that’s partly why I chose this deep shade of blue for this month. By now we are getting profoundly fed up with the cold and darkness that […]

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