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  • Decemberi színező | virágkoszorú | akvarell festés kezdőknek

    December floral wreath – downloadable colouring page #12

    We have reached the final flower wreath that we are going to paint together. This year has been a tough one, but it has gone by very quickly for me, it is almost impossible to grasp the fact that this is now the last in the series. I am going to paint this wreath live […]

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  • Autumn leaves - negative painting

    Autumn leaves – negative painting in watercolour

    Negative painting is one of my favourite techniques in watercolour, which I first came across via illustrator Hanga Katona. I have explored it in depth in a previous blogpost as well as in one of my Skillshare classes. Today’s video is ‘only’ a timelapse painting of me painting these beautiful autumn leaves.

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