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  • Veggies monthly calendar | Free wallpaper | hand-painted watercolor food illustration

    February calendars

    February is just round the corner, so here is the new downloadable calendar. :) February is the month of red onions. Have you noticed how beautiful all the colours are on the inside a red onion  when you cut it in half? In the past couple of years I’ve always wondered how unappreciated red onions […]

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  • 5 new illustubers to follow | a review of artists on youtube

    5 new illustubers to follow

    If someone asked me the question: where did you learn it all? I would answer without a hesitation: on Youtube. Illustubers (youtubers who are illustrators by profession) talk about nearly everything related to the area: techniques, motivation, creative blocks, and not least, business. I have already shared my 5 favourite illustubers in this post, but […]

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  • 5 beginner watercolour mistakes and how to avoid them

    5 beginner watercolour mistakes and how to avoid them

    I have been convinced of the benefits of teaching watercolour workshops these past 2 months, but I had hardly thought I would also learn a lot from my students. I tended to overlook some information as being ‘unimportant’ or ‘obvious’, and it turned out they are neither unimportant, nor obvious. So in my experience, these […]

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