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  • Beyond filters – online softwares to edit your artwork

    Picture editing is worth learning for all creative people – at least at a basic level. This skill – apart from being a requirement many jobs – helps you use your artwork in many different ways so they don’t have to lie forgotten at the bottom of your drawers. Many people think it is easier […]

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  • Mododboard #08 – October

    Source of pictures: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6

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  • 7 practical ways to use your artwork

    The picture of the poet starving in the interval between writing two pieces that nobody wants to publish has burnt pretty well into our minds. But what about painting without being “published”? Those who like doodling will know that not all stuff on paper is suitable for an exhibition – and not necessarily because it […]

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  • How to create painted pumpkins?

    Carving pumpkins is traditionally an autumn activity. However, year in year out it is easy to get bored with it. Naturally there are hundreds of ways you can decorate your home with pumpkins but this time I am showing you one of my personal favourites: painting pumpkins. Actually the concept is exactly the same as […]

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