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  • So you want to be an illustrator - Part 2 | Switching professions

    So you want to be an illustrator | Vol. 2. – The journey from engineer to illustrator

    Where did I learn it all? This question has popped up at several watercolour workshops I teach, as it’s no secret that I graduated as an Architect, and even worked in the field for a short time. If you are thinking about choosing illustration as a career path, or you are simply interested in how […]

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  • Behind the scenes - life of a watercolor illustrator

    Behind the scenes #10 – What happend this summer and autumn?

    Have you noticed that blogposts have become rather random ’round here? I used to post every Monday, but these days the Monday surprise is not the topic of the latest article but whether there is a new article at all. Even though I am trying with all my might to keep up with weekly posts, […]

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  • Illustration portfolio | watercolor strawberry

    New design!

    The idea to re-design my website has been on my mind for nearly a year, but 2018 has been such a challenging year both on a professional and personal level that I had had no chance to concantrate on webdesign. October has been a good month though, so I managed to spend a little time […]

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  • I became a freelance watercolor artist - Behind the scenes #9

    Behind the scenes #9 – I’ve become a freelancer

    Even though you may not have watched my (Hungarian) vlog about a day in the life of an illustrator, (in which I meet clients and try on wedding rings in the middle of a Thursday) you might wonder how all this work fits into my days while also maintaining a dayjob. After all, it has […]

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  • Behind the scenes #8 – What happened this winter?

    It is still snowing round here, but I am soon confident in announcing that winter is over, spring is coming. I had planned Januray to be a slow month after the hustle and bustle of December, but – just as it often happens with plans – things turned out differently. Winter became such a busy season that […]

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  • Silence

    I’m ill. Again. During December there was only one week when my nose was not running and yet this was the most intense month of the year (in close competition with October). I didn’t leave time for myself to rest, thinking that if I had taken a break I would have fallen behind even more and […]

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  • Blog birthday vol. 3 – A week in the life of a blogger

    3 years ago today I published the first post on the blog Imelda Green’s. Of course not under this domain and not in the same form as these days, but I am still very proud to say that I’ve been posting more or less consistently ever since. I had originally intended this blog to motivate […]

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  • Behind the scenes #7 – What happened this October?

    There’s no point in pretending things to be more glamorous than they are: October was a complete amuck. Not only because of the excessive amount of work that I’ve been doing – even though that aspect was also present – but also because I’ve been doing so many different things that I haven’t had time to […]

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  • Feeling the fear…

    I’m looking at my to-do list: I should paint, try new techniques so I have things to write blog posts about and take pictures of. But I should also cook, clean my apartment, and I haven’t met my best friend in ages. Plus my cat can’t wait for me to play with him a bit. […]

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  • The times when I’m not creative…

    The most frequent answer to the question “How to be an illustrator?” is: practice every day – and you can believe me, I have typed this question into Google gazillion times. But what happens when you just can’t? The past couple of weeks have been rather difficult for me due to some personal changes in […]

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