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About this blog and me

On the autumn of 2014 I was nearing the end of my university studies and was in panic. I had been studying Architecture for years and years and with the years passing I became increasingly sure that I did not want to spend the whole of my life with a computer in front of me, doing virtual designs, although my heart has always been closer to design and beauty than engineering.

So I tried to turn my panic into creativity. I was sewing, painting, creating, and while the actual activity soothed my anxiety, I became better at it, and started sharing what I was working on. Blogging also meant that I had to do stuff regularly, so I couldn’t fall into the trap I had fallen before: laziness. So hence, the predecessor of this blog came to life on tumblr.

In the meantime I finished university, worked as an architect for 2 years, finished a course in graphic design and ever since I’ve been working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. I love books, I have a few cats, I’m interested in psychology and art history, and believe completely in self-teaching.

If you have some more questions, please contact me at, or read my personal posts on the blog.

How can the blog help you?

In the past few years one of the most over-used words I heard was


Talented, untalented. This stigma seems to stick to everyone, regardless of whether you are creative or not, and whether you do art professionally or not. And if you are brave enough to choose creativity as a career, it is practically unavoidable.

However, in my experience


The blog can help you, so

  • your confidence is not crushed by the stigma called ‘talent’
  • you realise that creativity is there in all of us. Yes, you too!
  • you understand how wonderful it is to create and that you have everything you need to get started.

Work with me!


  • Workshop

    I currently teach beginner watercolour workshops in Budapest, Hungary. I look for an invite to your city.

  • Illustration

    Custom watercolour illustrations. Get in touch and tell me about your idea.

  • Graphic design

    Logos, business cards or complete branding. You can find my graphic design portfolio here. Get in touch for a proposal.

  • Wedding stationery

    Custom wedding stationery design (complete with invitation, menu, name cards, table numbers, etc). Get in touch for a proposal.

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