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  • Veggies monthly calendar | Free wallpaper | hand-painted watercolor food illustration

    July calendars

    The watermelon season is just coming up, so you can celebrate the arrival of real summer heat with this downloadable watermelon calendar. Down below you can find the calendar for the screens of your gadgets, but the July newsletter has not yet been sent, in which I enclose the A4 printable version. If you wish […]

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  • So you want to be an illustrator | Vol. 3 - how to have multiple income streams

    So you want to be an illustrator | Vol. 3 – Have multiple income sources!

    Whether you are a freelancer or not, it has become cliché to repeat ‘have multiple income sources!’ This is obviously important for freelancers even more, especially in a field as oversaturated as illustration. Let’s see what opportunities you have as an illustrator to provide a constant cash-flow. The first and most evident way is, of […]

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  • Using Tombow brush pens as watercolor | experimenting

    New medium #8 – Watercolour brush pens

    An average creative typically associates brush pens with calligraphy. Light line up, heavy down. However, you can use water-based brush pens as a form of watercolour. I checked how. So what’s this and how does it work? If you haven’t tried brush pens yet, you can imagine them as a cross between a marker and […]

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