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  • Októberi színező | virágkoszorú | akvarell festés kezdőknek

    October floral wreath – downloadable colouring page #10

    I have big news to share with you! I’m going to play next month’s printable as a live video on Sunday (09.27) 16.00 (CEST). Though the event will be in Hungarian, you are welcome to join in this little workshop and you can ask questions in the chat. All you have to do is click […]

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  • Autumn leaves - watercolor timelapse

    Autumn leaves – watercolour timelapse painting

    These are some of my favourite autumn leaves to paint when it comes to watercolour. I also teach these in my live workshops, which will soon be available in English too. Grab a mug of herbal tea, light a candle, and chill a little with this 2 minute painting process video.

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