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  • Hello August!

    August is here, time to share with you a new downloadable calendar. I’m happy to say I still haven’t melted away and August brings the glimpse of autumn, so I can see a tiny bit of hope at the end of the tunnel (after all we’ve survived 2/3 of summer already). Nevertheless, there are still things […]

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  • Book review – In and out of the garden

    I came across this treasure of a book in a second-hand bookshop in Germany (along with the coffee mark on the front). I don’t speak (much) German, but this was hardly a drawback: for one thing, the book is in English, for another, you don’t really need to know any language, or to know how […]

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  • Behind the scenes #1 – what I listen to while creating

    Honestly? Silence. Even though I like music (at least some sorts) I value silence more than anything else. However, it all depends on which phase of the creation process I am in, I am not always such a ZEN-bug :) So here it goes.

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  • Moodboard #05 – July

    Source of pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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  • 5 illustrators I follow

    There are so many talented illustrators out there that often I feel very small and feel like giving up the whole thing, but there all those others, who make me want to grab my equipment and start creating right away instead. I’m now sharing a list of some of my favourite artists and why I […]

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  • Starry sleeping mask – DIY do’s and don’ts

    You might know by now that my family and I are big fans of sleeping masks. By now I have sewn several of these practical pieces, but during the making of this latest piece I had to admit that I still haven’t learned from my mistakes: it has now become a kind of tradition that […]

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