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  • Downloadable colouring page | September floral wreath - watercolour tutorial

    September floral wreath – downloadable colouring page #9

    Finally I can see the end of the tunnel – a.k.a. autumn looming. So this means the colouring page for September is now here, in autumn colours. Ginkgo biloba is one of my favourite plants, I have painted it many times (for instance I am teaching it in my Skillshare class) – so it was […]

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  • Harry Potter covers that please a graphic designer - Nagy Kincső

    7 Harry Potter covers that will satisfy a graphic designer

    As a Harry Potter fan and graphic artist, I’ve always found HP covers a little bit annoying. The first edition book covers somehow never managed to convey that magical – and towards the end of the series, pretty dark atmosphere that Rowling’s writing expressed. Since then, the books have been re-published a number of times […]

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