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  • August calendars

    I am so blessed with a nordic blood that by August I can hardly stand the heat of Hungary, so I painted the August downloadable calendar an ocean blue-purple. Somehow even my watercolour decided to imitate the rollers of the sea too. So who wants to jump in this pool? By the way I wouldn’t […]

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  • Recipe time – grilled salmon skewers

    To avoid putting on further pounds, the next recipe I’m sharing with you is as far from cakes as it can be: today we are grilling salmon! To tell the truth I chose to paint this recipe because I absolutely can’t stand fish (or any other creature coming from water) so this way I could […]

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  • Let’s make a zine – a therapeutic evening

    There is something liberating about creating something that has no purpose whatsoever. It was with this thought in mind that I made my own little zine a couple of weeks ago. So what is a zine? To put it very simply, a zine is a unique or small circulation book/magazine. It is usually self published and […]

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  • Recipe time – raspberry cupcake

    Here is a new piece to my recipe series, in which I combined several old recipes to create this mouth-watering cupcake. Unfortunately while I paint these cuties, all healthy salads and oat flakes lie forgotten, because in my book, no avocado can ever compete with a good, old-fashioned cake. (Hence the few extra pounds I […]

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  • New medium #4 – Masking fluid

    My ‘new mediums‘ coloumn is returning in a little irregular way: I didn’t experiment with a completely new technique, but I was trying out a supply made for watercolour artists: masking fluid. Those working with watercolour will know that with this technique it is kind of impossible to paint white surfaces. If you want white, […]

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  • July calendars

    Morning all! Apparently we have survived the first half of 2017 – with mixed feelings on my part – but I’ll leave my yearly review for later, I prefer to concentrate on the upcoming month of July. I hope that the month of Cancer will take something back of its usual heatwaves, for the moment […]

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