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  • September calendars

    Well, my Dears, we have apparently survived this summer too. I suppose we will still get few more glimpses of summer heat here in Hungary, but the most difficult parts are now over. September is a wonderful month anyway, the sun still shines warmly, the days are still fairly long, and only a few leaves […]

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  • Watercolour painting class – abstract galaxy

    Up to this day I am not entirely sure whether this is an ‘abstract mountain resort’ or ‘spider’s web in front of a galaxy’, but we can agree on one fact: today we are doing a minimal style painting. You might have met this image before in my post about masking fluid, as this painting […]

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  • Recipe time – Cherry-yogurt breakfast jar

    Ahoy, my recipe coloumn is back! :) This little breakfast is my own invention – created mainly because I feel so starved during the long office mornings (and because I don’t eat my jams otherwise…)

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  • Repeat pattern challenge Vol. 2

    As we all know, setting aside only 15 minutes a day for creating is real nourishment for the soul. Not to mention that it will have a very good effect on your creativity if it becomes part of your daily routine. It’s pity that it doesn’t really work – not even for me, even though […]

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  • Leave a mark – 10 tips against blank paper syndrome

    I’m sitting above a blank piece of paper and I am simply unable to start… If only I drew the first line, it would be easier… But at the moment it seems unbelievable that this blank paper will soon be filled with something, something that I create… The above case is well-known to (some) artists […]

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