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  • Create your own calendar in 2018!

    There is only one thing better than creating: creating together. Okay, now I’ve sacrificed honesty for a bit of PR, in fact nothing gets me more panicky than creating with other people around me, but the situation is slightly different now: I’m inviting you to create a calendar with me for 2018! Monthly downloadable calendars […]

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  • Downloadable gift tags – ending the December art challenge

    Do you remember that I invited you for an art challenge at the end of November? Well, Christmas is nearly here now and the challenge is coming to an end, so it is high time to share my experiences. At the same time I put together a collection of gift tags of my favourite drawings.

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  • Graphic designer in the making – sketchbook tour

    Those who read the blog will not be surprised if I say that I’m not exactly a fan of institutional art eductation. Teaching art is desparately hard: on the one hand the student needs to see if he is on the wrong track, on the other hand creativity is a very fragile thing, which can […]

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  • 3 classic illustrators to get into the Christmas spirit

    Even though I’m a great fan of modern – sometimes even minimalist – illustrations, it often happens in December that I get absorbed in looking at the old classics. There are many wonderful illustrators who have managed to capture the wintry atmosphere, but for me – unsurprisingly – it’s the British, who are closest to […]

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