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  • Let’s talk fonts!

    The moment you find yourself guessing typefaces on posters and ads, you should consider the possibility that you have a fetish for typography. I certainly know I “suffer” from this condition, my pulse quickens at the sight of beautiful letters and font pairings, so I have long wanted to write a blog posts about this topic. At […]

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  • A few words about copying…

    Copying is kind of a taboo topic among Artists. In posh circles it is common to say that those who copy actually steal, cheat, and use the wrong way to develop their skills. It is therefore lucky, that I don’t call myself an Artist with a capital ‘A’, nor do I belong to posh circles, […]

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  • New medium #3 – Pen and ink

    What is it that crosses the architect’s mind when it comes to ink? Hatching, university, descriptive geometry… To put it shortly, my experiences are rather horrible, not to mention that this technique is somewhat similar to graphite pencil drawing, which is another thing I’m not friends with. Last November, however, I had no option but to […]

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  • Behind the scenes #4 – What happened in March

    These past weeks I have been a little lost, blog-wise. I had planned blog posts, which I never wrote, never photographed and never published, as March has decided to fool me a bit with a couple of surprises. Some of them were positive, others negative, and some of them were not even surprises, but to […]

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