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Behind the scenes #4 – What happened in March


These past weeks I have been a little lost, blog-wise. I had planned blog posts, which I never wrote, never photographed and never published, as March has decided to fool me a bit with a couple of surprises. Some of them were positive, others negative, and some of them were not even surprises, but to sum it all up, here is a review of my past month.

I fell ill

Twice, for that matter. What’s more, I am fighting a wicked cold at the moment, but luckily I am not as lost as I was at the beginning of the month when I was lying in bed with fever. That was the time when I decided I had to re-organise my priorities. I was so taken with the psychological aspects of falling ill that I even wrote a blogpost about the benefits of the comfort zone.

Working together with Bazsalikomos Kert

Mariann is the girl behind the Hungarian Bazsalikomos Kert [Basil Garden], and who owns an entire farm of herbs and other plants. I can’t express my happiness at the opportunity of working with her: I simply love painting garden things and plants of all kinds. Since then I have also illustrated a breakfast for an event she is hosting next weekend, which also made me very happy. I have long wanted to try food illustration.

Garden watercolor illustration

The Secret Project

I got landed with another very exciting project this March, which involves working with a bunch of fabulous Hungarian designers. I am keeping the details quiet for the moment but I can soon share every bit about this fascinating project. However, I can tell as much that this was another job that made me very proud and happy.

And I went on holiday…

For an entire week I was travelling across Baden-Württemberg, Germany with one of my oldest friends. There is no stronger kick to lift my mood than travelling… I usually arrive home from these backpacking-hostel-visiting-trips fully exhausted and as a new person – this time has been no exception.


2017 has been a challenging year so far that’s been stretching my boundaries to the limit so you might get a little more personal posts, but I’ll definitely keep up the blog, whatever may come. :) What has your March been like?

Behind the scenes 2017 March - creative life, illustration and more

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