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  • Behind the scenes - life of a watercolor illustrator

    Behind the scenes #10 – What happend this summer and autumn?

    Have you noticed that blogposts have become rather random ’round here? I used to post every Monday, but these days the Monday surprise is not the topic of the latest article but whether there is a new article at all. Even though I am trying with all my might to keep up with weekly posts, […]

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  • I became a freelance watercolor artist - Behind the scenes #9

    Behind the scenes #9 – I’ve become a freelancer

    Even though you may not have watched my (Hungarian) vlog about a day in the life of an illustrator, (in which I meet clients and try on wedding rings in the middle of a Thursday) you might wonder how all this work fits into my days while also maintaining a dayjob. After all, it has […]

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  • Behind the scenes #8 – What happened this winter?

    It is still snowing round here, but I am soon confident in announcing that winter is over, spring is coming. I had planned Januray to be a slow month after the hustle and bustle of December, but – just as it often happens with plans – things turned out differently. Winter became such a busy season that […]

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  • Behind the scenes #7 – What happened this October?

    There’s no point in pretending things to be more glamorous than they are: October was a complete amuck. Not only because of the excessive amount of work that I’ve been doing – even though that aspect was also present – but also because I’ve been doing so many different things that I haven’t had time to […]

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  • Behind the scenes #6 – The power of painting small

    Those few who have seen my illustrations in real life know that most of them are A5-A6 size images. This habit of painting small is not based on an academically supported decision, but on an observation of the mere fact: it is simply good to paint watercolours in small size. What’s more, it is liberating, […]

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  • Behind the scenes #4 – What happened in March

    These past weeks I have been a little lost, blog-wise. I had planned blog posts, which I never wrote, never photographed and never published, as March has decided to fool me a bit with a couple of surprises. Some of them were positive, others negative, and some of them were not even surprises, but to […]

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  • Behind the scenes #2 – what happened this summer

    While I could never miss traditional summer lazing, the Imelda-business has been fairly busy, running several projects. The blog has been growing wonderfully fast (THANK YOU!), I can see you appreciate articles about creativity and art. However, this doesn’t mean that I’ve turned all my attention to writing and stopped being creative, so I’m sharing […]

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  • Behind the scenes #1 – what I listen to while creating

    Honestly? Silence. Even though I like music (at least some sorts) I value silence more than anything else. However, it all depends on which phase of the creation process I am in, I am not always such a ZEN-bug :) So here it goes.

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