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  • October calendars

    I won’t reveal a great secret in saying that autumn is my favourite season. There is nothing more wonderful than taking long walks among the flaming colours of nature – which I’m going to do the next couple of weeks so you might see a little less activity round the blog. However, if you are […]

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  • Natural paints – tea and coffee

    Those of you who have knocked over wine glasses or have dropped cherries on your white shirts will know from experience that nature has provided us with plenty of pigments. To put it more commonly, these things leave ugly marks on textile. And on paper… I have long been toying with the idea of trying […]

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  • Back to school – downloadable garden-themed planner

    For stationery-geeks like me, the beginning of September is definitely cause for celebration: ‘back to school means’ that all shops are full of beautiful notebooks and planners. However, if you are so keen on stationery like me, you might be inclined to criticise each and every product: nothing is exactly the way you’d want it […]

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  • Book review – Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady

    Edith Holden’s notes about nature have already come up last year as side-notes to my downloadable calendars. However, I thought that Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady deserves an entire blogpost. Apparently, it is a habit of mine to bump into beautiful works of British illustrators somewhere abroad (like I did with In and out […]

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