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  • Watercolor palm leaves - join the one week art challenge

    Repeat pattern challenge Vol. 3 – join us this year!

    Can anyone tell when a tradition starts? It feels a little early, and yet, it seems to have become something of a tradition that I hold a one-week repeat pattern challenge on the blog, so here we go, here comes the third. If you feel creative, or if you do not; if you’ve ever tried […]

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  • Forest animals - hand-painted watercolour wallpaper calendar

    August downloadable calendars

    I’m not sure about you, but for me July has been sucked in by some black hole; it has basically disappeared. Anyway, August is nearly here, so I celebrate the new month with another forest – or rather aquatic – animal. In August, Susan the otter will swim in and out of your screens. Don’t […]

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  • A little guide to watercolor paper

    A little guide to watercolour paper

    To my great joy, creativity is spreading within the family. After diagnosing the illness of painting on simple print paper however, I realised that it’s high time to give some in-depth info on materials. I mean more in-depth than the blog post sharing 9 essential art supplies. This series started with a fairly detailed guide […]

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  • I became a freelance watercolor artist - Behind the scenes #9

    Behind the scenes #9 – I’ve become a freelancer

    Even though you may not have watched my (Hungarian) vlog about a day in the life of an illustrator, (in which I meet clients and try on wedding rings in the middle of a Thursday) you might wonder how all this work fits into my days while also maintaining a dayjob. After all, it has […]

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