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Downloadable gift tags – ending the December art challenge

December art challenge - downloadable gift tags

Do you remember that I invited you for an art challenge at the end of November? Well, Christmas is nearly here now and the challenge is coming to an end, so it is high time to share my experiences. At the same time I put together a collection of gift tags of my favourite drawings.

How will I have the time for it?!

This slightly panicky question came up already in the challenge-introducing post – not without reason. Let’s not beat about the bush: I did not have time for it. I didn’t even pretend that I was doing a “challenge”, in fact I did the 13 pieces I managed to finish in 3 sessions. Of course I could beat myself up by saying I failed utterly, but I’m not doing that. Why? Because despite everything it was useful.

So what did I learn from it?

The original purpose of this project was to create something every day and so minimize the fuss I’m making around the process of painting. As a matter of fact, I did reach this goal this month, even if that is not a result of this art challenge. Even for a micro-business, such as Imelda Green’s, December is the most hectic month of the year – although I had not planned it to be so. However, next time I’m doing an art challenge, I’m going to choose my timing better.

Despite having very little time, I was proved right about one fact: it really doesn’t take much time to create these little pieces. If it did, I wouldn’t have been able to finish even those 13. But of course, you are always able to find time for the things you really want. One lesson learned from this challenge was that free creation is wonderful, but in some cases a lie-in is even more wonderful. Sometimes you are simply not creative. And at other times you spend so many hours of the day being creative that you prefer not to do art in the remaining tiny bit of time. And that’s all okay.

As for the format, I realised again that A4 is just not the size for me, it makes life so much more difficult! Carrying folders in my hand because papers can’t be stuffed into my bag… uhh… *shudder* Next time I will either work in a sketchbook or simply choose papers of A5 size at the largest. I strongly believe that I would have been much more successful in completing this challenge, had it been easier for me to carry around my supplies with me.

Use them as gift tags!

Seeing a painting develop under your fingers is without a doubt the best part of creating, but at the same time it would be sad to leave those beautiful pictures lying in your drawer. There are many practical ways you can use your artwork but this time I chose to see my drawings on my Christmas packaging. If you participated, you can join me: just cut the paper following the black lines, then draw a string through one of the corners and voilá! Your super-personal gift tags are ready.

If you are in my shoes and didn’t have much time to be creative this December, there is still a way! I chose my favourite pieces and created a 7-part collection of gift tags, which is available in my content library. If you like them, you can download and print them for free, and they are ready to go on the Christmas presents. You can find lots of other free stuff in the content library as well, which you can reach by signing up to the newsletter. If you’ve already signed up, look for the password at the bottom of the latest newsletter.

December art challenge - downloadable gift tags

Did you join the challenge? How did it go? Have you got any experiences in completing art challenges? Please share in the comments below!

Downloadable gift tags - experienes of the December art challenge

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