• February floral wreath – downloadable colouring page #2

    February is now here, so it’s time for me to share the colouring page with the flower wreath that I have created for you. In this wreath I combined snow drops with eucalyptus leaves. Snowdrops usually start growing around this time of year where I live, and the eucalyptus leaves have this amazing silvery green […]

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  • 5 art tips to my younger self

    5 art tips to my younger self to avoid anxiety

    Nobody is born an artist. I’ve learned this through my own experience, when I finally ended up being an illustrator after years spent in different universities and offices. Somewhere deep down I’ve always known I should do something like illustration, but at the age of 20 there are so many expectations on you that you […]

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  • Downloadable colouring page - January floral wreath - watercolour

    January floral wreath – downloadable colouring page #1

    Have you been looking forward to 2020’s first blog post? Have you expected a downloadable calendar? This year, it will be something quite different, though just as exciting. I had had a number of ideas for calendars and it is not impossible that calendars will be back on the blog one day, but this time […]

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  • Create your own calendar in 2020 - downloadable blank calendar template

    Create your own calendar in 2020!

    Do you find my downloadable calendars cool? Well, now it’s time for you to create your own! It’s kind of a tradition on this blog that, every December, I share a calendar with blank pages that you can decorate in your own style. You can paint your own calendar in 2020, which can be an […]

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  • Veggies monthly calendar | Free wallpaper | hand-painted watercolor food illustration

    December calendars

    So the moment has come: I am sharing the last piece of the veggie calendar. I have just finished eating an avocado toast, so it seems appropriate to share this controversial veggie now. It’s definitely super-hyped and mass avocado production is not exactly eco friendly, it is a gem, from a painting point of view: […]

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  • Veggies monthly calendar | Free wallpaper | hand-painted watercolor food illustration

    November calendars

    Even though we are still surrounded by pumpkins everywhere, November is nearly here. Why I associated this month with an aubergine, I couldn’t tell, but I love its colours and the way it shines – and of course I’d never say no to some aubergine dip either. Even though we are nearing the end of […]

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  • Inktober 2019

    Inktober – in 2019 I’m joining

    Hey, I have something exciting to share with you: I am joining the Inktober challenge this year! If you don’t know already: Inktober is a month-long art challenge. You are supposed to create an ink painting on every day of October. You can learn more about the Inktober challenge here. I actually personalized this challenge […]

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  • Veggies monthly calendar | Free wallpaper | hand-painted watercolor pumpkin | food illustration

    October calendars

    It seems that the perfect way to greet the approaching pumpkin-season is posting some downloadable calendars for October. :) It took me while to learn to like eating pumpkins, but I’ve always loved the sight of this vegetable, which – to me – is the perfect symbol of autumn. If you wish to put this […]

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  • 5 “inspiring” sentences to block you as an artist

    Have you ever had the feeling that it’s best to abandon your art supplies and find something else to do, once someone told you her opinion on art in general or gave you some (unasked) advice? Maybe you’ve stopped being creative because someone said something to block you? Even though some of these things are […]

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  • Negative painting - city illustration - a step by step watercolor tutorial

    Watercolour painting class – negative painting

    The beauty of watercolour mainly lies in the transparency of layers. But how do you actually reach this ethereal effect? I solved this question a couple of months ago when I met the negative painting technique on Hungarian designer, Hanga Katona’s instagram. This technique is based on one of the rules of watercolouring: painting from […]

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