Children’s book – The Old Oak In Trouble

Bodza is a super hero, but not in the usual sense: she is an introverted girl, who is able to come over her shyness and even speak in front of a great audience when it comes to saving her favourite tree.

But Bodza usually prefers to read, and watch birds.

Bodza also has a special relative: Granny Vica. Or parhaps Anti-Granny Vica. Granny Vica is has a fair chance of winning the coolest grandmother award. Whether it’s about photographing birds or saving an old tree that is meant to be felled, her red hair and purple boots are there in the thick of it. She doesn’t even mind guano falling on her beetle-green overcoat.

The first piece of the Bodza series is about their adventures together.


2019. November

Date published: 22nd December, 2019.



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