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  • December calendars

    From today on the last watercolour splash of the year is available for download. Red is of course the inevitable colour of December but I added a tiny bit of blue as well. I could say that I was thinking of snow, ice and cold weather when playing with this splash but the truth is […]

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  • November calendars

    November is one of the year’s least popular months – perhaps this is the reason why I started to feel sorry for it and learned to like it. This liking went so far that at some point this rainy, foggy, dark month became my favourite. Since then it is not that popular with me either, […]

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  • October calendars

    I won’t reveal a great secret in saying that autumn is my favourite season. There is nothing more wonderful than taking long walks among the flaming colours of nature – which I’m going to do the next couple of weeks so you might see a little less activity round the blog. However, if you are […]

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  • September calendars

    Well, my Dears, we have apparently survived this summer too. I suppose we will still get few more glimpses of summer heat here in Hungary, but the most difficult parts are now over. September is a wonderful month anyway, the sun still shines warmly, the days are still fairly long, and only a few leaves […]

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  • August calendars

    I am so blessed with a nordic blood that by August I can hardly stand the heat of Hungary, so I painted the August downloadable calendar an ocean blue-purple. Somehow even my watercolour decided to imitate the rollers of the sea too. So who wants to jump in this pool? By the way I wouldn’t […]

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  • July calendars

    Morning all! Apparently we have survived the first half of 2017 – with mixed feelings on my part – but I’ll leave my yearly review for later, I prefer to concentrate on the upcoming month of July. I hope that the month of Cancer will take something back of its usual heatwaves, for the moment […]

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