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  • March calendars

    I think that my latest downloadable calendar definitely has a spring mood in it. By this time I am usually so fed up with greys that it is bright colours (especially yellows) which cheer me up most effectively. So I am awaiting spring with this yellow-green watercolour splash :) Are you looking forward to spring […]

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  • February calendars

    My latest downloadable calendars created with the watercolour splash technique are out for February! Spring might linger on the horizon, but February is still a hard winter month, that’s partly why I chose this deep shade of blue for this month. By now we are getting profoundly fed up with the cold and darkness that […]

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  • January calendars

    I had thought I would not continue with my downloadable calendar series but to my surprise – and great pleasure – many of you asked about when I’d come up with the new one. :) So I took a deep breath and created the first piece of 2017. It seems that the style this year […]

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