Summer equipment – a creative’s travel kit

Pocket watercolour travel kit essentials

I can’t say I’m the type of artist who sketches everything she sees when travelling, from morning until dusk. For me, painting is a more intimate business, which takes time and a certain mood. However, I don’t like  to go travelling without a full load of art supplies, after all, one can never be quite sure when the urge comes to paint. :) Luckily, the “full load” can easily be fitted into a smaller handbag.

Things I take with me

The process of painting doesn’t exist without watercolour paper, brushes, paint and water. Add to that a pencil, an eraser and some thin paper to sketch on, and voilá, here is my creative travel kit. I actually like painting small, so this whole lot will fit into an A5 size folder.


Recipe time – the perfect breakfast

No, I am not about to say that Imelda Green’s is turning into a lifestyle blog, but it is possible that you might run into recipes in the future, as I’ve started illustrating food.

The composition below is my favourite breakfast, which I’ve eaten the past 3 years, so now – that I’ve illustrated it – it’s time to share it with you guys.

The perfect breakfast - print from the design box Goods from our garden


June calendars

At last it is now time for evening glasses of wine and garden parties. And storms as well (here in Budapest anyway). What can I say? I LOVE it (except for the really hot weather but we might avoid that). In honour of the showers of this month the June-calendar wears the colours of the stormy sky. Do you like it?

hand-painted calendar for download 2017 June

I have made this calendar in several sizes so you can use it from different sized screens as well as a smart phone. I hope you enjoy this free download :)

Sizes: 1024×768 | 1280×720 | 1440×900 | 1920×1080 (latter for smart phone)

Browse your inner Pinterest! – take steps to be more creative

Steps to be more creative

’I wish I were as creative as you’. I often hear this remark from friends but the truth is that only a part of our creativity comes from our genes, another large part can be learned. In fact, it all depends on whether you stimulate your fantasy. Naturally, working in an office 9-5, then dropping in front of Facebook won’t trigger your imagination much, but you can take the first few steps towards a more creative life now.

Write down & organise

Believe it or not, even you have great ideas! But if you don’t write them down somewhere then it’s as if they didn’t exist because you won’t remember them in a few hours’ time, let alone months later. Is it just some nonsense of an idea? Write it down anyway! In my experience it is worth keeping a record of all your ideas even if you do not execute them right away because months later you might get a wave of creativity and you can make something even of the worst ideas. Revise your ideas list weekly/monthly/annually (as it suits you), then put them in order so that the best ones appear on top.


5 Hungarian illustrators I follow

5 Hungarian Illustrators I follow /cover by Cecília Simonyi/

I visited the 24th International Book Festival in Budapest a few weeks ago, where I bumped into a small exhibition. The walls of a small corridor were covered entirely by the works of Hungarian illustrators – and there my heart melted. I had followed the works of several of them already, but I came across several new finds, whose work I simply fell in love with. Here is a small (non-exhaustive) selection of my favourites.


Behind the scenes #5 – The garden in focus this April

Behind the scenes 2017 April - creative life, illustration and more

I must admit that April wasn’t my best month this year. You might have noticed I wrote less blog posts and apart from some therapeutic painting my main source of peace came from gardening. I don’t mean gardening literally of course: it would be fairly difficult in a tiny apartment in Budapest even if I had some talent with plants, but since I have none, it is absolutely out of the question. No, what I mean is some alternative gardening, and I’m just about to tell you how I did that.


May calendars

I hope you enjoyed an excellent free Monday on 1st of May. However, now it’s back to work and to brighten up the first day of the week I have some new calendars for you. Nature is all green ’round here so it seems quite appropriate to bring that lovely colour onto your screen as well.

If you want to create your own watercolour splash, you are welcome to look here.

hand-painted calendar for download 2017 May

I have made this calendar in several sizes so you can use it from different sized screens as well as a smart phone. I hope you enjoy this free download :)

Méretek: 1024×768 | 1280×720 | 1440×900 | 1920×1080 (latter for smart phone)

Let’s talk fonts!

Let's talk about fonts!

The moment you find yourself guessing typefaces on posters and ads, you should consider the possibility that you have a fetish for typography. I certainly know I “suffer” from this condition, my pulse quickens at the sight of beautiful letters and font pairings, so I have long wanted to write a blog posts about this topic. At least I wanted to, until I realised that others have done it before me, much better than I ever will. So instead of sharing my own considerable wisdom (haha!) I have collected some of my favourite blog posts about typography.