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  • Recipe time – Cherry-yogurt breakfast jar

    Ahoy, my recipe coloumn is back! :) This little breakfast is my own invention – created mainly because I feel so starved during the long office mornings (and because I don’t eat my jams otherwise…)

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  • Recipe time – grilled salmon skewers

    To avoid putting on further pounds, the next recipe I’m sharing with you is as far from cakes as it can be: today we are grilling salmon! To tell the truth I chose to paint this recipe because I absolutely can’t stand fish (or any other creature coming from water) so this way I could […]

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  • Recipe time – raspberry cupcake

    Here is a new piece to my recipe series, in which I combined several old recipes to create this mouth-watering cupcake. Unfortunately while I paint these cuties, all healthy salads and oat flakes lie forgotten, because in my book, no avocado can ever compete with a good, old-fashioned cake. (Hence the few extra pounds I […]

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  • Recipe time – the perfect breakfast

    No, I am not about to say that Imelda Green’s is turning into a lifestyle blog, but it is possible that you might run into recipes in the future, as I’ve started illustrating food. The composition below is my favourite breakfast, which I’ve eaten the past 3 years, so now – that I’ve illustrated it […]

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