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Recipe time – the perfect breakfast

No, I am not about to say that Imelda Green’s is turning into a lifestyle blog, but it is possible that you might run into recipes in the future, as I’ve started illustrating food.

The composition below is my favourite breakfast, which I’ve eaten the past 3 years, so now – that I’ve illustrated it – it’s time to share it with you guys.

The perfect breakfast - print from the design box Goods from our garden


  • a jar of yogurt
  • a banana (so you don’t stay hungry)
  • some other seasonal fruit (maybe kiwis for winter and peaches, strawberries for summer)
  • granola, or (in my case) corn flakes
  • plenty of seeds: I am addicted to peanuts but I also like to add sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds or whatever I find at home

There is not much to explain about the preparation, you put all the ingredients in a bowl and enjoy. :) I don’t like it when my corn flakes gets soggy so I usually add that bit last, but of course this is not a rule.

With this breakfast I usually manage without eating for about 3 hours but if you are less of a food-addict, you might make it till lunch time.

This illustration with the Hungarian captions has been turned into a limited edition print of 50, as part of the design box Goods from our garden. If you like it, place your order before we run out :)

What do you usually like to have for breakfast?

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