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  • Book review – Gnomes

    Do you remember that feeling when you got Harry Potter in your hands and the world that you had thought to be a myth was suddenly described with such sincerity and detail that it didn’t only become believable but almost real. Well, this is more or less the case with Wil Huygen’s book Gnomes. You […]

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  • Book review – Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady

    Edith Holden’s notes about nature have already come up last year as side-notes to my downloadable calendars. However, I thought that Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady deserves an entire blogpost. Apparently, it is a habit of mine to bump into beautiful works of British illustrators somewhere abroad (like I did with In and out […]

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  • Reading time – 3 books on creativity

    For a long time I was thinking about creativity-books the same way as sex: those who can do, will do it, those who can’t, will speak about it. However, some of these books have popped up in front of my eyes so often that I grew too curious and had to read them.

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  • Book review – In and out of the garden

    I came across this treasure of a book in a second-hand bookshop in Germany (along with the coffee mark on the front). I don’t speak (much) German, but this was hardly a drawback: for one thing, the book is in English, for another, you don’t really need to know any language, or to know how […]

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