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  • Watercolour painting class – abstract galaxy

    Up to this day I am not entirely sure whether this is an ‘abstract mountain resort’ or ‘spider’s web in front of a galaxy’, but we can agree on one fact: today we are doing a minimal style painting. You might have met this image before in my post about masking fluid, as this painting […]

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  • Watercolour painting class – minimalist Solar System

    If anyone decides to do watercolours it is inevitable to bump into galaxies at some point. No wonder: they are colourful, you can splash around and it is practically impossible to spoil them. In my case, I also have an unfortunate obsession with all things space and stars… so here we go, I painted a […]

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  • Watercolour painting class – Relax!

    A watercolour splash is just like green tea: it hasn’t got negative qualities. It takes very short time to make it, they are all unique and it requiers absolutely no talent to have a beautiful result. I have used this technique in my downloadable calendars but as it was so satisfying I thought I’d share […]

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  • Design guide for the non-creative

    Sometimes I feel that the visual world – whether it be a blog, a photo, a graphic or an illustration – has split in two. One half creates clearer and more beautiful work by the minute (even with occasional highs and lows), the other half takes worse and worse steps making me scream “WHY???” Of […]

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  • How to create painted pumpkins?

    Carving pumpkins is traditionally an autumn activity. However, year in year out it is easy to get bored with it. Naturally there are hundreds of ways you can decorate your home with pumpkins but this time I am showing you one of my personal favourites: painting pumpkins. Actually the concept is exactly the same as […]

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