• 5 art tips to my younger self

    5 art tips to my younger self to avoid anxiety

    Nobody is born an artist. I’ve learned this through my own experience, when I finally ended up being an illustrator after years spent in different universities and offices. Somewhere deep down I’ve always known I should do something like illustration, but at the age of 20 there are so many expectations on you that you […]

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  • Inktober 2019

    Inktober – in 2019 I’m joining

    Hey, I have something exciting to share with you: I am joining the Inktober challenge this year! If you don’t know already: Inktober is a month-long art challenge. You are supposed to create an ink painting on every day of October. You can learn more about the Inktober challenge here. I actually personalized this challenge […]

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  • 5 “inspiring” sentences to block you as an artist

    Have you ever had the feeling that it’s best to abandon your art supplies and find something else to do, once someone told you her opinion on art in general or gave you some (unasked) advice? Maybe you’ve stopped being creative because someone said something to block you? Even though some of these things are […]

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  • Watercolour portraits | 3 inspirational queens for women's day

    On Women’s Day – 3 inspiring queens

    Last year I celebrated Women’s Day with a couple of illustrations on femininity. This year I am bringing you 3 inspiring queens, who have all contributed something to what we call ‘woman’ today. Queen Elizabeth I of England (1558-1603) Who is she? Elizabeth was the daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, she was […]

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  • Wedding portrait – watercolor timelapse

    A timelapse is a speeded-up video. In this one, you can see how I create a custom wedding portrait step by step.

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  • HiFest 2018 - Hastings Illustration Festival

    HiFest 2018 – Travel with me

    This year I finally visited HiFest – which was lucky, as this was going to be the last Hastings Illustration Festival. I recorded my experiences in a vlog. Even though it’s in Hungarian, I don’t talk too much, so it’s worth taking a look to get the vibes of an illustration festival.

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  • 5 art lessons from nature for beginner and advanced artists

    5 lessons from nature for beginner and advanced creatives

    I don’t know about you but as I’m seriously entering autumn-mode I start to notice the beauties of nature more than during other seasons – even as a city girl. Nature is quite an obvious topic for a creative but during one of my afternoon walks I was thinking: a sunny park offers so much […]

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  • Should you go to art school? Pros and cons

    Art school: YES or NO?

    When I walked out of University with a fresh degree in my hand I promised myself that I would never ever attend art education again. Despite all analysis I will probably never find out whose fault it was that I ended up with this unfortunate conclusion, but it is more or less a fact that they […]

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  • Watercolor palm leaves - join the one week art challenge

    Repeat pattern challenge Vol. 3 – join us this year!

    Can anyone tell when a tradition starts? It feels a little early, and yet, it seems to have become something of a tradition that I hold a one-week repeat pattern challenge on the blog, so here we go, here comes the third. If you feel creative, or if you do not; if you’ve ever tried […]

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  • The future of creating

    A few months ago I took part in a conference titled ‘The future of creating’. Unfortunately this event had nothing to do with creativity, instead the presentations were packed with 3D printers, drones and robots, but all the same, it made me think a lot about my own profession. After some hours of hearing a […]

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