5 illustubers to follow

A couple of months ago Youtube has sucked me in so deeply that I was watching the screen day and night. Not that I hadn’t used this amazing platform before, but the time had finally come when I wasn’t looking for videos according to topic, but according to creators.

This is how I met the expression ‘illustuber’, which is quite simply an illustrator, who runs a youtube channel. These fantastic artists share their experiences, tell about both the bright and dark sides of their profession, show their favourite art supplies, or just chat about their pets. No surprise, I became quite addicted for a while. It is interesting that in many cases I am not drawn to the artist’s style so much as his/her professional knowledge, and I’m ever so grateful for the amount of information I learned from these guys.

I’m still in the process of exploring new faces but there are a few favourites, whose videos I always watch when they upload something. They are the ones I’m going to introduce today.


Book review – Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady

Book review - Nature notes of an Edwardian Lady

Edith Holden’s notes about nature have already come up last year as side-notes to my downloadable calendars. However, I thought that Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady deserves an entire blogpost.

Apparently, it is a habit of mine to bump into beautiful works of British illustrators somewhere abroad (like I did with In and out of the garden). I came across this book in Sweden, more precisely, on the bookshelf of a friend I was visiting – and she was generous enough to give it to me (Thank you so much! <3).

Edith Holden documents her observations of 1906, and adds seasonal quotes and poems by well-known (and less well-known) poets as well as her own beautiful illustrations of birds, plants and forest animals. (Obviously I was drawn to this book, as I am rather responsive to literature as well as art…).


Recipe time – grilled salmon skewers

To avoid putting on further pounds, the next recipe I’m sharing with you is as far from cakes as it can be: today we are grilling salmon! To tell the truth I chose to paint this recipe because I absolutely can’t stand fish (or any other creature coming from water) so this way I could avoid the temptation that food illustration poses. Of course, I have no problem with the same recipe with salmon exchanged for chicken, for example. So, here is a grilled favourite for salmon-lovers.

Grilled salmon skewers with garlic and dijon recipe - watercolor print from the design box Goods from our garden


Summer equipment – a creative’s travel kit

Pocket watercolour travel kit essentials

I can’t say I’m the type of artist who sketches everything she sees when travelling, from morning until dusk. For me, painting is a more intimate business, which takes time and a certain mood. However, I don’t like  to go travelling without a full load of art supplies, after all, one can never be quite sure when the urge comes to paint. :) Luckily, the “full load” can easily be fitted into a smaller handbag.

Things I take with me

The process of painting doesn’t exist without watercolour paper, brushes, paint and water. Add to that a pencil, an eraser and some thin paper to sketch on, and voilá, here is my creative travel kit. I actually like painting small, so this whole lot will fit into an A5 size folder.


Recipe time – the perfect breakfast

No, I am not about to say that Imelda Green’s is turning into a lifestyle blog, but it is possible that you might run into recipes in the future, as I’ve started illustrating food.

The composition below is my favourite breakfast, which I’ve eaten the past 3 years, so now – that I’ve illustrated it – it’s time to share it with you guys.

The perfect breakfast - print from the design box Goods from our garden


5 Hungarian illustrators I follow

5 Hungarian Illustrators I follow /cover by Cecília Simonyi/

I visited the 24th International Book Festival in Budapest a few weeks ago, where I bumped into a small exhibition. The walls of a small corridor were covered entirely by the works of Hungarian illustrators – and there my heart melted. I had followed the works of several of them already, but I came across several new finds, whose work I simply fell in love with. Here is a small (non-exhaustive) selection of my favourites.


Creatives out there – 4 blogposts for creators

Round-up of blogposts about creativity

I absolutely love reading round-up posts by other bloggers. When my favourite bloggers collect articles they’ve enjoyed reading that month I usually set the post aside and keep it for the evening, when I take a mug of tea and find a cosy spot to read through. So it was only a matter of time when I’d create my own similar blogpost.

The topic of creativity is not that widely written about as, for instance, lifestyle, so these articles are not exactly the most recent, at least when it comes to publish date, but they are all perfectly relevant today. So here are 4 articles, which I enjoyed reading this past couple of months.